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The Perfect Wedding Venue and Date

What’s a great time to tie down the exact date when couples would like to wed, and then find venues that can accommodate that special day. June is a popular month to get married due to the great weather. Other popular months include May, August, September and October. Many couples with more flexible timelines look for their venue first, and then choose their date on their selected venue’s availability. Ultimately, the best marriage month is up to you and the season you love as a couple.

Wedding venues should include an area for the ceremony, an audience space, and two separate lounge spaces if possible, for both sides of the wedding party to get ready in. No matter what size wedding or wedding budget you’re working with, you can expect your venue to accommodate these requests.

Some questions you should keep in mind are: How much is the deposit; do you take payments; what is included in the total cost; and what is your cancellation policy?

Make sure that you do your research when trying to haggle a bit with price. You want to start at a moderate price, ask with confidence, and be prepared to haggle.

For must have venues that won’t budge on cost, try considering off-peak times and ask if they would consider a reduced service. This will Increase your negotiating power

Your wedding venue plays an essential role in setting the tone for your special day, and it’s key to making guests feel comfortable and happy during your reception.

Choosing Live Wedding Bands

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