Choosing Live Wedding Bands

wedding_cake_toppers_2_0Choosing the right wedding band for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you’ll be making for your big day.

When reviewing a bands website, make sure you see several videos of the band performing in a live setting that will show the reaction of the crowd and not just a staged performance.

How many reviews do they have? Do they have a lot of positive reviews that talk about not only their musical ability, but their attire and willingness to work with clients?

When you are reviewing their song list, do they include a wide variety of styles from Sinatra to Top 40, or are they a specialty band that primarily focuses on one style of music? For your big day, you want a wedding band that has a wide variety of styles they can play.

Another important aspect is do they interact with the guests? Most guests love performers like Rudy and the Professionals that will interact with them.

There is much more to having a wedding band than just great musicians. It’s important to have systems in place for organizing all of the information related to weddings. This includes the schedule, names of the bridal party, people giving toasts, cutting of the cake, blessing, garter/bouquet, etc… Look for a band like Rudy and the Professionals that can provide you with an Emcee that can carry out the events of your wedding with poise and experience.

Your wedding band should not only be comprised of talented and organized musicians, but must have the ability and willingness to work with you!

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